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The Ken Matthews Minute… that’s me again … is a weekday feature my affiliate radio stations play.

In case you haven’t heard them yet, here’s a taste.

The Ken Matthews Minute – March 7th

The Ken Matthews Minute – March 8th

The Ken Matthews Minute – March 9th

And if 60 seconds isn’t enough, you know where to find more.

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  1. Red Carrera

    Hello Ken,

    Really enjoy the Ken Matthews Minute, this is a great idea.
    I can’t wait to listen live each day. Your show is truly a continuation of the “Excellence In Broadcasting” tradition.

    All the best,

    Red Carrera

  2. Pamela Cover

    We missed Rush Limbaugh so very much. You are doing a great job filling the void.

  3. Chris Mahoney

    Ken, who are you supporting in PA for governor and senator in the GOP primaries? The field is so damned crowded that your leadership could make a real difference. For senate I am OK with Oz but not with McCormick (a Bush globalist). For governor I like Barletta.

  4. Dave McDonough

    I listen every day! Good shows, glad you have your old time slot on WHP 580.

  5. Ken Fornicola

    I actually heard you before you guest hosted on Rush’s show. Refreshing take on the horrendous events surrounding the cultural decline of the greatest nation ever conceived and birthed in the history of the world. Please keep up the great work you are engaged in! The world needs your bright perspective. I know I do!
    Thank you, sir.

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