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Ken Matthews Adds More Radio Stations

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Ryan Hedrick, an all-around swell guy and fair arbitor of talk radio news, delivers this gem of good, solid, honest media reporting.

This is what America needs more of.

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  1. Gail Fruscello

    Ken, I love listening to your show! I’ve followed ever since you guest hosted for Rush.

  2. Linda

    You are the most informative radio personality. I won’t listen to anyone else

  3. Charles W Baughman

    You should have replaced Rush. 580 needs to put you on live.

  4. john m

    Hey Ken, I remember your first broadcast in York Co Pa on AM 580. I guess I am one of the 17 original listeners. Keep it up!!!!!
    2000mules is GREAT!!!! I will be getting the DVD and passing it around. We KNEW it was stolen!

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