Thank you for all you do!

Hi Ken! I’m from Texas and a Ditto Head. Thank you for all you do! You are brilliant, witty and fun!!

FEB 5, 2022

I hope you get on many stations

Hello Ken, I was hoping you or Todd were going to inherit Limbaugh’s show. Listening to you makes me feel closer to Rush. I am happy that you are going big time. I hope you get on many stations! Lord Bless You.

Larry F.
DEC 20, 2021

Thank you for what you’re doing

Hey Ken, I’m sure you get tons and tons of messages you might not see mine but I just want to thank you for what you’re doing bringing truth to Americans & not being afraid.

Heide V.
DEC 28, 2021

Congratulations on your new show

Congratulations on your new show. The 1st time you came on WHP 580, I said to my husband it won’t be long until Ken has his own syndicated radio show! Tada!!!!

FEB 8, 2022

I listen daily

Hi Ken, Following your show since hearing you substituting for Rush. I listen daily. Love your show and all the information you give us. Thank you and God bless you.

Nancy in SC

I enjoy your show greatly

Since Rush I have selected you to replace Rush as my conservative political mentor. I enjoy your show greatly.

Ron S.
FEB 3, 2022

Congrats on your syndication

Hi Ken, Congrats on your syndication. My wife and I are very excited for you. We enjoy your wit and humor. Best of luck to you, and keep doing what nobody else has the courage to say! Keep up the good work!

B. Mooney
DEC 22, 2021

You had us in stitches yesterday

Morning, Ken. You had us in stitches yesterday, i.e., Don Lemon comments. (laughing so hard it’s crying emoji) You lighten the load during these dark days. Thank you!

FEB 9, 2022

Your show is amazing

Ken, Your show is amazing. I’ve been listening for 2 years now and you and Mark Steyn were my favorite fill-ins for Rush Limbaugh. Your show has the most content of any other radio show (or podcast) that I have listened to. I love that you are not afraid of hitting the otherwise censored topics.

Jeff G.
DEC 23, 2021

Happy I found your new syndication

Loved listening to you on Rush. Happy I found your new syndication!

Ruth C.
FEB 4, 2022