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New phone. Who dis?

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Now you can reach out and touch The Ken Matthews Show 24/7, with our latest addition to the program… our new toll-free call-in number.

It’s so easy to remember, you’ll never forget it!


Not Ken Matthews, just KEN… and then SHOW.

Tattoo it somewhere on your body — right side up — where you can easily read it.

When Ken is LIVE, weekdays, Noon to 3 pm ET, 866-KEN-SHOW will put you into the call-in que for the program.

Outside of the show’s LIVE hours, you can leave a voicemail for Ken with your comments on anything he said, or any topics or issues discussed in the program, or that you think he should discuss.

You can also use the call-in line, after show hours, to share your feedback on the show. We always appreciate you sharing your $.02 … or $.01, after the government is done taxing it.

Note: As Ken states in his voicemail greeting: If you call in, you’re giving permission for your call or message to be used in The Ken Matthews Show.

What’s the new call-in number again?

I knew you wouldn’t forget it!

PS. For those of you who hate deciphering what letters translate into which numbers on your phone, the call-in number is: 866-536-7469

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  1. Cindy Tiddens

    80’s car phone! LOL

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