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Welcome to Ken’s New Website

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Thank you for ‘tuning in’ to The Ken Matthews Show and for your support through the years, especially during this exciting time where Ken’s talent & insights are now able to be shared with all of America, and not just a particular city. is where you’ll find all things Ken. Never censored. Never cancelled.

We encourage you to subscribe for updates.

Check back often as we’ll be launching new features in the coming days & weeks, including:
– The Ken Matthews Show Podcast! (access for e-mail registrants)
– Ken’s Blog
– Show News & Highlights
– Your Listener Photos — send them to:
– Show merch & gear, and
– VIP Member Exclusives

We invite your show feedback, questions, compliments, support, and of course your grassroots intel that helps keep The Ken Matthews Show ahead of the lamestream mainstream media. We also invite you to help us grow The Ken Matthews Show to as many radio stations as possible.

One of the great opportunities of having The Ken Matthews Show LIVE Noon to 3 pm ET in national syndication, is that millions of Americans coast-to-coast can now resume their weekday routines they once had with Rush, and meet their own insatiable desire for the best in talk entertainment, by making The Ken Matthews Show a part of their daily routine.

Again, ‘Thank you’ for joining us in this awesome adventure.

Onward & upward,

Josh Leng
Ken Matthews SuperFan
U.S. Air Force Officer Veteran
CEO, Talk Media Network

This Post Has 31 Comments

  1. Your 13th Listener

    Checking out the new site now and like all of the new features. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thorsten Littau

    The new website is excellent!

  3. Esequiel Rodrigue

    I miss you Ken. Have not been able to catch up. I hope your podcasts are posted soon. I am one of your 13 listeners here, behind enemy lines, in Lancaster, CA

  4. Steve

    Where have the list of stations gone?

    1. TKMS

      Steve, Click the LISTEN links throughout the site & you can navigate to the Radio Stations page.

    2. Dawn T.

      I was wondering that.. What I missed in the am I could catch again in the pm…. K E N N N !!!

  5. Mike Donnelly


    #11 of 13 here.

    The new website is well done.

    Keep it up, we need you more than you know.

  6. Abigail Kloberdanz

    I absolutely love the show and love your new website!! Listening regularly and sharing you with all my favorite people

  7. Carrie

    Listener 12.5 here! Waiting with baited breath for podcasts for the days when I can’t listen live!!! Love your show!!!

  8. Dorothy Porraro

    Hey Ken, 13 is my favorite number and you are my favorite conservative talk guy since dear ElRushbo left this crazy world. Living the South FL life with the best Governor ever!!

  9. Marlena

    The website makeover looks great! Almost as handsome as your new headshot. Well done.

  10. Mary Jo

    Remembered you from Rush Limbaugh show substituting when he was out , was wondering what happened to you, so glad I tuned in to my station 103.1 Cumberland, MD and found you by accident listening one Saturday a.m. Have been tuning in ever since, you take the edge off the horrible things happening in this country with your comics, too funny, you brighten my Saturday mornings! 👍

  11. Jim Hornberger

    Hey Ken: Listener # 11.5 here in Lewisburg PA. Used to be able to catch you in the evening on WHP when I was busy during the day. Miss your podcasts, bringing them back? Catch you when I can during the day. Jim

  12. Sindo Lopez

    I’m one of your original 13 listeners on WHP 580, since Bob Dergen in this time slot after el Rushbo. As far as I’m concerned you replaced el Rushbo not those other 2. They should have picked you or Bo. He’s doing well in NYC I hear. I’m one of el Rushbo’s originals too. He started with 14. You will be OK. You will catch up. Hang in there.

  13. Debbie Arch

    Hi Ken,
    Love your show.
    How do we register for the podcasts?

    1. TKMS

      Debbie, You just did! Check your inbox for your login. 🙂

  14. Kendo RC

    Make radio great again with the best real talk show in the world.

  15. Christina Obenshain

    Ken, I’m still following you from San Antonio, TX. You need to get onto WOAI 1200AM.

    1. TKMS

      Christina, Thanks for your loyalty. We are working to get the show on radio stations across America, and you can help us! To learn how, visit How You Can Help Grow The Show

  16. Jeanine Prichard

    Looking forward to your podcasts. You are the best!

    1. TKMS

      Jeanine, You wish has been granted! Check your inbox for your login. 🙂

  17. Linda Milam

    Love your show. We’ve missed you since Rush died. So good to hear truth again

  18. Suzanne

    I’m trying to find Ken’s show. I’m in the Phila area. Also I miss the podcast. I’m hoping the podcast comes back.

    1. TKMS

      Suzanne, We are working to get the show on radio stations across America, and we’ll have another near Philly in late May. You can help speed up the process by contacting WPHT & other talk stations in your area. Visit How You Can Help Grow The Show for more info.

      You can find information on all The Ken Matthews Show listening options, including the podcast, by clicking the ‘Listen‘ links throughout this website.

      Thanks for listening to The Ken Matthews Show!

  19. Cindy Bengford

    I think I lucked out when I found your show on Love it. The unbiased truth is so refreshing to hear again. I listen in northern Colorado.

    1. TKMS

      Cindy, Thanks for your note & feedback. Stay lucky & enjoy the show ~

  20. Cathy L Lafferty


  21. Harold Simmons

    I really love listening to your radio show. I am changing from Democrat 2 Republican because I am fed up with these left wing nuts.

    1. TKMS

      Harold, You are not alone!

  22. George Davis

    Love your show Ken! I wanted to show you the article I saw on Newsmax today regarding “Ukraine Can Strike Within Russia”. It hit me like a lead brick! That not only explains why Brandon said no to the Mig-29’s, but I believe it’s entirely possible that Brandon may have put restrictions on the weapons we have provided to the Ukraine. i.e. you can’t hit any targets outside of the Ukraine. I believe Brandon may be controlling the targets with the weapons we have given them. “we don’t want to be too provocative!” Your dialog regarding the length of the war is certainly gaining more validity!

  23. Lisa

    Love your show! Loved you since you filled in for RUSH. You and Mark Steyn were my favorite Subs for Rush. I’m thrilled that one of my local talk stations is now airing your show live weekdays from 12-3 PM. I’ve missed you! You’re the BEST!

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